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A Jungian Approach

    I like to work with both scientific and transpersonal or spiritual perspectives. I see the healthy self as a composite of multiple interactive opposites. I work with both the personal and the collective unconscious to integrate the uniqueness of our individuality, the universality of our humanity, and the diversity of our world cultures. I try to expand the objective exploration of dreams to subjective and archetypal interpretations. I see analysis and psychotherapy as a healing journey that takes us towards more wholeness, towards individuation. On the way we identify unconscious core patterns of crystallized emotions that alter the way we live our current life: complexes. I take a interpersonal approach in which both therapist and client work together in a containing relationship that promotes healing and creates aliveness.

Intergenerational Transmission of Historical and Cultural Trauma

    I am very aware of historical and cultural forms of oppressions in the world, and how these past and present collective experiences impact one's personal life. I have a particular interest in working with those who carry a painful intergenerational inheritance, and need to explore it and heal.

Diversity Issues: LGBTQ+/Queer - Privilege - Social Activism

    I believe that we are all unique and precious and that we all deserve respect no matter what ethnicity, culture, country of origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, size, or class we identify with. I am passionate about working with individuals on issues of diversity and about helping each of them reclaim their identities and power.

Areas of focus

Jungian Analysis



Cultural/Historical Trauma

Multicultural experiences


Existential Questions

Grief and Loss

Life Transitions




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