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Psychotherapy is an extraordinary journey of discovery and healing towards more wholeness. It is a process that allows gradual integration of mind, body, heart, and spirit, of past and present, of inner self-states and outside influences. In psychotherapy we grow through our wounds and our strengths, with our flaws and our beauties; we slowly unwrap layers of hurt and grief to reclaim our aliveness in the context of a contained and deep relationship with another human being. 

I specialize in working with personal and/or cultural and historical trauma, including immigration, and oppression based on ethnicity, race, class, religion, gender, sexuality, or age. I am passionate about helping individuals reclaim their disenfranchised identities and regain their power. I also treat depression, anxiety, as well as life transition issues.

I see my role as accompanying you into reclaiming your power and sense of self in the wake of cultural, intergenerational, and personal history (e.g., descendants of Holocaust survivors, oppression, trauma). Many of those I have worked with explored existential thresholds (e.g., birth, death, midlife, grief and loss).


I integrate Jungian analysis, as well as Queer and Feminist relational in-depth approaches, which involves working in a non-judgmental manner, and combines empirically supported therapy (DBT) with explorations of dreams, of the personal and collective unconscious. I offer affirmative, compassionate, and sometimes challenging support on the path to healing.


I work in English and in French.

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